Why microservices should be used as an exploration tool

Do you want to introduce a new technology but you don't know how? Microservices can help you

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How often in your team you had a conversation about this or that technology to adopt? How often the conversation became a massive argument that led to a sort of religious war?

TL;DR Microservices can help facilitate the introduction of new technologies in your stack, but you need to follow [The 5+1 forgotten rules of microservices] (../../26/the-5-1-forgotten-rules-of-microservices-that-will-make-you-think/)

Is this happening on a regular basis? Well, you are in good company, it happens everywhere, but what are the consequences? Generally, nothing happens, because the people involved in the conversation/war don't have any power to introduce a new technology, so in the end, many hours are spent in meaningless conversation, people get hurt, in the best scenario the crusader feels defeated, in some other cases, he may burnout and leave. What just happened? Something that could have been an opportunity just became a huge cost for the company.

Technology adoption using microservices

Is there any way to make everyone happy? Should we have a company policy to facilitate technology introduction/adoption, do we have any tool? I think so, Microservices.

If you read my previous post The 5+1 forgotten rules of microservices, that will make you think, the first rule is keep it small.

Ok, but how can this help in technology adoption? Well, now the crusader can try to persuade people with facts. The rule says: Keep it small enough to be rewritten in 2-4 weeks by a single dev, this means that in a sprint or two your team will have something tangible to discuss on.

Benefits of microservices as exploration tool

  • No waste of energies in useless meetings and meaningless conversation
  • Now you have got something to show to other people (hopefully to the relevant ones)
  • The crusader by now should have been able to judge by himself if his idea is worth or not, and will, in any case, be happier
  • The entire team continued to work harmoniously, without bloodshed
  • If the crusader is right the company will get the benefits
  • You keep your technology stack fresh and aligned with the market

Microservices side-effects

So apart from the obvious benefits of microservices, there are also many positive side-effects, and this is one of them. Let me know if you agree by adding a comment below.

Hope you found this useful.

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