Hi, I'm Antonio Masucci (anto), nice to meet you and welcome to my blog. amasucci.com is my personal blog, here you will find posts on software engineering, people, psychology, self improvement and probably a good amount of random stuff.

Everything started when I was four and my father walked in with our first PC (an Olivetti M24), since then I started playing with hardware, software and electronics and I am not bored yet.

I was so fascinated by computers that I did my BEng and MEng on software engineering and immediately after the graduation I moved to the UK with my wife (girlfriend at the time), to find my dream job (I am still looking for it…).

My interests are things like cloud, design patterns, antipatterns, continuous delivery, devops, team culture, team building and leadership.

Hope you enjoy it and thanks for reading!

Anto, father, husband, italian londoner, software engineer, ┬┐blogger? …