Why x 5 = faster knowledge

How long does it take to you to feel comfortable treating a particular topic, do you always think you need to know more before you could start giving your opinion?

2 minute read

During my career, as student and as professional, many times I found people that I considered more knowledgeable than me on particular topic reveal themselves not that knowledgeable. Does it happen to you as well?

The 5+1 forgotten rules of microservices, that will make you think

Are you really getting the benefits or just the burden of a microservices-based architecture?

3 minute read

If I would have to summarise in a single attribute what microservice adoption can give you, I would probably say, that the most important benefit of microservices is agility. Agility today is the number one priority for business who want to stay ahead of their competitors. That's why businesses are investing on microservices, not just to have happy hipsters around ;-).